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  1. Putting XR Accessibility First, with CNIB’s Yvonne Felix

    XR tech often has a visual focus, but we have to be careful in that line of thinking; those who are visually impaired might be left out of the conversation otherwise. Yvonne Felix, an inclusion expert at CNIB, knows from experience that the visually impaired - or anyone ...


  2. Fighting COVID-19 My Way: Preparing for the Worst in VR, with Broadstairs College’s Tim Jackson

    Today’s guest, Broadstairs College Computing Programme Director Tim Jackson, saw COVID-19 coming, and expected it to flip the education system on its head. Luckily, it was the perfect opportunity to experiment transferring the classroom to a virtual environment. Julie: Hello, ...


  3. The Human Need for Presence in XR, with Caitlin Krause

    When we deepen our level of presence in XR, it translates to how we lead better, manage better, and learn better. This pays dividends in our connection and wellbeing in the "real world," too!  That’s what today’s guest, author and XR designer Caitlin Krause, specializes in. Caitlin authored "The ...


  4. Envisioning Travel in VR, with Winged Whale Media’s Jason Palmer

    XR tech is great for the extended classroom, but it’s not the only way it can be used to teach. Jason Palmer explains how Winged Whale Media is using VR and 360 video to train tour guides on travel destinations they can’t travel to right now. ...


  5. Stoking Curiosity with XR, featuring Sam Nulf

    It’s a blessing that XR technologies exist to help kids continue to learn through the COVID-19 pandemic. But if we just treat the tech as a delivery system for classroom homework, we’re doing students a disservice. Education consultant Sam Nulf explains why. ...