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  1. Developing the Pedagogy of Presence with XR, featuring Georgian College’s Rob Theriault

    Rob Theriault has recently become Georgian College’s immersive lead, finding ways to employ XR technologies to enhance learning in various courses. He explains how faculties need to become innovation adopters if their students are to do the same. Julie: Hello, ...


  2. Cultivating Curiosity & Encouraging Innovation with 3D Learning, featuring AltruTec’s Olivia Wenzel

    Olivia Wenzel may be Julie’s youngest guest yet, but her youth hasn’t stopped her from launching a startup — AltruTec — or teaming with Julie on the VRARA’s Parent & Student Resource, or using VR to combat dementia. Julie: Hello, ...


  3. XR for Crossover Podcast - Julie and Alan Smithson Chat About Education and Immersive Learning

    After a short hiatus, Julie is back with a special episode, where she interviews (is interviewed by?) her partner in business and life, Alan Smithon, who you may know from our sister podcast, XR for Business. Julie: Hi, my name ...


  4. Designing Accessibility into UX, with Dylan Fox & Devin Boyle

    Designing a user experience (UX) and ensuring accessibility in XR boils down to basically the same task; addressing the needs of the user. We have Dylan Fox and Devin Boyle from XR Access on to talk about designing with accessibility in mind from the start, and discuss ...


  5. Going From What to Why with Experiential Learning, featuring Inspirit VR’s Aditya Vishwanath

    Learning complex STEM concepts like physics or chemistry off a chalkboard is no easy task, because it removes a key factor from the equation - presence. Inspirit VR’s Aditya Vishwanath explains how giving that presence back ignites a learner’s innate curiosity. ...