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  1. Putting the Power of VR in the Teacher's Hand, with Grove Learning's Sean Strong

    As today's guest, Grove Learning CEO Sean Strong, says: just because something's cutting-edge, doesn't mean it has to be a pain to use. That's the philosophy behind his company, which aims to make introducing VR into a classroom easy and efficient.  ...


  2. XR for Learning Course: Adopting AR for K-12

    In this episode of XR for Learning, Julie discusses how technologies like augmented reality will be crucial for educating kids from Kindergarten to High School, to prepare them for their future roles in a post-XR workforce. ...


  3. Using GEMBA to Help Adopt VR in Enterprise, with The Learning Network's Dominic Deane

    For a lot of us, we think learning ends when our working life begins. But not only is that untrue; being able to learn new skills for our careers is only going to become more important. Dominic Deane drops in to talk about how GEMBA is helping with ...


  4. Learning Languages Online Using Virtual Watermelons, with Gold Lotus' Michael McDonald

    Teaching a language is a lot easier when you share a room with your pupil, and have the benefit of human interaction and body language to bolster the lesson. With VR, today's guest Michael McDonald is able to do that for students in Norway, all the way from ...


  5. XR for Learning Course: Combining the Digital and the Human in Humanics, with Julie Smithson

    Recently, Julie gave a virtual presentation at the Educators in VR 2020 Summit. There, she discussed Cloud Learning and the concept of Humanics; basically, developing the things humans can do that machines cannot.  This podcast has been slightly edited from the ...