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  1. The Netiquette of XR, with Silicon Harlem's Ben Erwin PART 2

    In virtual space, the sky's the limit -- literally. Your Avatars can fly and teleport and change form in an instant, even in a relatively mundane collaboration meeting or classroom setting. Ben Erwin of Silicon Harlem returns to discuss the development of XR's version of "Netiquette." ...


  2. Learning in Stereo, with Silicon Harlem's Ben Erwin PART 1

    Volumetric video and other spatial 3D technologies allows us to add a Z axis to the way we learn. Director of Silicon Harlem Ben Erwin is on the show to discuss teaching in the same three dimensions we all live in. ...


  3. Giving Students the Steering Wheel in their XR Education, with ARVRinEDU’s Jaime Donally

    For any learning to take place in the next few weeks, parents and educators are going to have to get creative in their teaching methods. Jaime Donally founded ARVRinEDU to help them find ways to introduce XR into their curriculum, and she tells Julie how right now ...


  4. Forecasting for Innovation Part 2 – The Execution Roadmap, with The Startup Station’s Victoria Yampolsky

    Picking up where she left off, Victoria talks about how times like these can be either a bane or an unexpected boon for fledgling startups, and how to tell where you fit on that spectrum. Listen to Part 1 ...


  5. Forecasting for Innovation Part 1 - Preparing for the Worst, with The Startup Station’s Victoria Yampolsky

    One of the first hurdles any organization must leap in the adoption of new technology is funding it. In this special two-part episode, Julie chats with The Startup Station founder Victoria Yampolsky about how to plan your budget, for the best and worst-case scenarios. ...