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  1. Investing in the Well-Being of Educators, with James McCrary

    “Pivoting” isn’t just an industry term anymore - in the wake of COVID-19, educators have had to pivot as well, quickly adopting XR collaboration and video conferencing technologies just to teach their students. Educational consultant and innovation director James McCrary explains how his most important work lately ...


  2. Empowering Educators by Getting Immersive, with apelab's Emilie Joly

    We often say that some concepts can only be taught to students spatially, and getting them inside some VR is the best way to do it. Emilie Joly from apelab visits with Julie to explain how that same concept, applied to educators, inspired Zoe.com. ...


  3. Coordinating Virtual Squirrels, with Education Consultant Craig Frehlich

    Today’s guest, Craig Frehlich, is an educational consultant, and first saw the learning potential of VR on a trip to the mall with his son. But he drops in to stress the experience itself isn’t going to teach much, without a discussion with students about what they experienced ...


  4. ANNOUNCING: The XR Collaboration Project

    We interrupt your regularly-scheduled podcast for this special announcement, where Julie introduces the XR Collaboration project. MetaVRse, along with other major players in the XR space, have come together to develop an easy-to-use guide for the newly-home-office-bound to navigate the many telecommunication tools available from the industry. ...


  5. XR for Learning Course: Beginning a New Education from Home

    Many of us are experimenting with homeschooling at the moment, whether we want to or not. Julie hopes to help listeners by offering a glimpse into the Smithson home, and how she's educating her two daughters while schools are closed. ...